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Our private tuition uses innovative teaching techniques and intelligent tools to enable students to own learning and achieve their full potential

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Our students are stakeholders in the journey to own their learning by deliberately engaging in all the intricate elements that contribute to their success.

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Our methodologies empower our students to set exemplary expectations while fuelling them with the necessary passion to achieve their goals.

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Foster relationships and live out these traits and virtues surrounded by other principled Myrtlers!


Our approach to learning instills a deep desire to acquire knowledge on a wider spectrum.


Myrtle Learning invites applications. Complete the appropriate application form for "Tuition," “6th Form” and “Adult Education."


The total development of the student experience includes exchange programmes, reading club and team building sports activities across borders.


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Face-To-Face Tuition

Our on-premises private tuition is delivered at our tuition centre in Rochester, and it is tailored to your exact needs.

Online Tuition

With our remote online home education tuition you can experience the Myrtle way regardless of distance or location.

Online Resources

Get access to lessons, quizzes, past exam papers and more for primary, 11plus, and secondary education.

Myrtle Learning-
Tuition Centre in Rochester, Kent offering private tuition and online hybrid home education.

At Myrtle Learning we offer an alternative education solution for parents who are either looking to home-school their children or looking at private tuition. We’re based in Rochester, Kent and provide face-to-face as well as hybrid remote home education anywhere in the UK.

 Whether you live locally or are based further afield, our online private tuition lets you experience the Myrtle way regardless of your location. When you choose Myrtle Learning we guarantee the progress of our students through our unique curriculum design and delivery styles. Our tuition is tailored to the needs of each of our students and it allows them to take control of their learning and develop reading and analytical skills that will help them excel in everything they do. Whether preparing for 11 plus, GCSE/IGCSE, A Level/IB exams or for a rapidly changing technological world, our objective is to support young people to become happy, confident citizens with integrity as leaders in society.

Myrtle Learning also provides a unique hybrid learning experience for students who are home-schooled.

Our services include:

Outstanding Tuition

Myrtle Learning is an outstanding tuition centre in Rochester that provides a range of learning services for individuals and organisations. We work with students from both primary and secondary schools and provide remote learning services anywhere in the UK.

Planning and Monitoring

Our novel tuition practices go beyond teaching to include planning the learning of our students, monitoring their progress, and mentoring them to ensure that they take control to own their learning.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Our unique way of working bridges the gaps in the knowledge of our students, enables them to maximise their output in what they are taught in schools and develop the grit for educational excellence.

Courses and Results

At Myrtle Learning, we begin with the end in sight.
Join Myrtle Learning to take control of your learning …. ‘Own Your Learning’!

What Students Says

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The team at Myrtle Learning are extremely professional in understanding my specific needs. They worked with me to map out my learning journey and tailored their support to meet my needs

Egan Student

The innovative teaching style and use of technology made my learning at myrtle productive with instant and informative feedback on progress assessments

Isabella Student

I was supported continuously by the friendly and professional staff who took my learning needs and style into consideration and ensured that I passed my 11 Plus exam in order to gain admission into the grammar school of my choice.

Amy Student

I depended solely on my teachers to tell me what to do daily. Myrtle Learning put together a learning structure and plan that enabled me to take control of my learning.

Michael Student
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