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Our students are stakeholders in the journey to own their learning by deliberately engaging in all the intricate elements that contribute to their success. Our methodologies empower our students to set exemplary expectations while fuelling them with the necessary passion to achieve their goals.

Myrtle Learning Reading Club

Our book club aims to create a voracious and diversified reader thereby broadening the mindset of all. We aim to create an inclusive culture for readers in whatever setting they find themselves.

  • Enhance the use of vocabulary
  • Build well rounded skill sets around differing topics.

Student Mentoring Programmes

Myrtle Learning provides the services needed for students to own their learning by empowering students to: 

  • Plan the progress of their learning programmes 
  • Executing and following their plans 
  • Be accountable for personal and academic activities

Public Examinations

Myrtle Learning offers students the opportunity to sit their public examinations at our centres. This facility enables students to have their educational experience with us by:

  • Going through their learning journey to the end
  • Practicing bespoke assessments to make them examination ready
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