A Level Mathematics

This course covers the Pure Mathematics 2, Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2.  This is aimed at A Level Mathematics which must be covered by the end of Year 13. The exam at the end of year 13 covers papers 1, 2 and 3. Questions for papers 1 and 2 can be taken from either AS or A Level pure mathematics content. Paper 3 are questions from Mechanics and Statistics full content.

Assessment Objectives:

AO 1: Use and apply standard techniques.

Learners should be able to:

  • elect and correctly carry out routine procedures
  • accurately recall facts, terminology and definitions

AO 2: Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically

Learners should be able to:

  • construct rigorous mathematical arguments (including proofs)
  • make deductions and inferences
  • assess the validity of mathematical arguments
  • explain their reasoning
  • use mathematical language and notation correctly

AO3: Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts

Learners should be able to:

  • translate problems in mathematical and non mathematical contexts into mathematical processes
  • interpret solutions to problems in their original context, and, where appropriate, evaluate their accuracy and limitations
  • translate situations in context into mathematical models
  • use mathematical models evaluate the outcomes of modelling in context, recognise the limitations of models and, where appropriate, explain how to refine them
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