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Myrtle Reading-Pacific

Our book club aims to create a voracious and diversified reader thereby broadening the mindset of all. We aim to create an inclusive culture for readers in whatever setting they find themselves by:

  • Enhancing the use of vocabulary
  • Building well rounded skill sets by embracing differing topics
  • Critically analysing the contents of the books they read

To attain the highest level of a Myrtle Reader badge, a reader would have to go through the following stages of reading:

Stage 1

An initial assessment to determine which reading group to join

Stage 2

Assigned a reading category of either Rose, Pacific or Willow, depending on their reading ability

Stage 3

As a member, the reader will have to join a 30mins discussion on the books read to discuss:

  • The chapters read
  • Answer quiz questions
  • Write a brief review of each book on completion 

Readers are given certificates and badges upon completion of each category. A reader who completes the Pacific category is given the Pacific Certificate. 

Members over the age of 11years are registered through Myrtle Reading Club to join the BBC reporter of the year competition on yearly basis. Click HERE for more information

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To purchase the books for Pacific reading, please click HERE

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